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Re: (TFT) Re: Appropriate use of copyrighted material

Brett Slocum a écrit:

> The only problem is that SJGames does not hold the copyright for Melee,
> Metagaming and Howard Thompson do, wherever they may be. A combat game
> based on GURPS advanced combat would fall under the SJGames mantle, of course.

As I recall, Interplay had a contract to produce GURPS Fallout.  SJGames
sued them for breach of contract and got them to make some last-minute
changes to the game system so that it wouldn't be using GURPS rules.  My
suggestion?  If you're using a Steve Jackson Games product, have a talk
with SJ himself before you decide to market it or advertise it in any
way, even freeware.  That goes for any game product.

Dejanews references:


and others under Steve Jackson AND Fallout.  Of course, I live in Canada
where we do not have the infamous litigious tradition that is so common
among our Southern neighbours (<-- Note appropriate spelling ;-)).


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