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(TFT) Re: Appropriate use of copyrighted material

From: "C. Michel Boucher" <alsandor@netcom.ca>
> Brett Slocum a Tcrit:
> > The only problem is that SJGames does not hold the copyright for Melee,
> > Metagaming and Howard Thompson do, wherever they may be. A combat game
> > based on GURPS advanced combat would fall under the SJGames mantle, of course.
> As I recall, Interplay had a contract to produce GURPS Fallout.  SJGames
> sued them for breach of contract and got them to make some last-minute
> changes to the game system so that it wouldn't be using GURPS rules.  My
> suggestion?  If you're using a Steve Jackson Games product, have a talk
> with SJ himself before you decide to market it or advertise it in any
> way, even freeware.  That goes for any game product.

Don't believe everything you read on USENET. SJ had some problems with 
Fallout which were worked out, but Interplay management decided that they 
didn't want to use GURPS as the game engine, so Interplay yanked the GURPS as 
the contract allowed. No one sued anybody. 

Look at :
The February 12th entry in SJ Games' Daily Illuminator 
(http://www.sjgames.com/ill/1997/ill-feb97.html) and www.interplay.com. 

Now, how about some TFT discussion?
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