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(TFT) Re: Appropriate use of copyrighted material

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The effort in writing a computer program is at least comparable to another 
example. Let's say someone writes a novel using the Star Wars characters.
is a lot of work. So why shouldn't they be allowed to publish it? It's very

simple. Because it's illegal according to copyright and trademark law.

Of course - but my response was to whether or not it was 'morally

>>>Very loose on the rights of the original creators of stuff, aren't we?<

Sure - and in a theoretical discussion I hope they dont mind their
theoretical rights being stepped on. But if we moved to Japan this would be
a moot point. We could all publish TFT supplements. We could also pirate
all the software we want in Russia. So keep in mind that these aren't
god-given rights. This is one of the reasons that Steve Jackson did not
allow home-brew computer programs for GURPS for the longest time. Not
because he didn't want to allow it - but because he knew the law could be
twisted against him far quicker than his "rights" could be stepped on!

Also, keep in mind that these laws were created so that creativity would
not be stifled for the good of the American ecnomy. The origional creator
has a right to profit from their creation. But that's not happening. Howard
Thompson isn't even attempting to profit from what wasn't his creation in
the first place! Steve Jackson would almost certainly LIKE to profit from
TFT and is not being allowed to. 

The 'spirit' of the law is completely violated by the idea that it should
be illegal for TFT fans to publish home-brew supplements or computerized
versions of Melee! 


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