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Re: (TFT) Computerization of Metagaming

Perhaps what the person meant wasn't that it wouldn't make much sense to 
*write* a computer version of a board game, but that it wouldn't make 
sense to write one with the intent to *sell* the computer version.  
Stretching one's coding skills has always seemed a good exercise to me, 
and certainly having something fun to do with the results only makes it 
better.  But low demand, especially for an out-of-print title, may make 
for a low payoff for the programmer.

--Andrew M.

P.S.  However, be careful how these are distributed.  I don't know about 
Chitin and Melee/Wizard, but OSI released a licensed version of Ogre in 
the mid-80's.  While they no longer own the right to the title (i.e., 
they'd have to cut a deal with Steve to do an Ogre 2, or GEV, etc.), they 
do still own the TM to a computer version of the game, so either they or 
SJG might get a little testy about another release.  Then again, if it's 
any good, you may get a job offer...

>On a side note to the current discussion:
>Someone mentioned that it wouldn't make much sense to write a computer
>version of a board game that simply duplicated the game in every way. I
>disagree. I have been learning about hex programming simply for this reason!
>I'm going to be making my own versions of Ogre, Chitin, and Melee/Wizard.
>There's lots of reasons for this:
>1. To see if my programming skills are up to a total recreation of a board
>game. I did this once before with a game known as "Light Sabre Dueling."
>2. To have a computerized opponent and somehow come up with ways for it to
>play a good, strategic game.
>3. A way to explore strategies without sorting and manipulating lots of
>little counters.
>4. A convienient way to play a two-player game with the computer handling the
>moving of pieces, selection of targets, and checking of rules.
>No electrons were harmed in the creation of this message.
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