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(TFT) Fw: TFT, Striker, Misc. RPG Items

Some TFT items for auction. Thought you guys might be interested.

--Ty Beard

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From: Snapper Carr <bester@mindspring.com>
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Date: Sunday, January 03, 1999 4:18 AM
Subject: FS: TFT, Striker, Misc. RPG Items

For Sale: Strike Miniatures Rules, The Fantasy Trip Supplements, Misc.
RPG Items:

Striker: Rules for 15mm Traveller Miniatures -- $20.00
This set has no box and the books show usage (breaks in spine, creased
covers); they still have a lot of usage left to them, but the
condition is not suitable for collectors.  The 3 books are: Rule Book
1 - Basic Rules; Rule Book 2 - Advanced Rules; Rule Book 3 -

3 Items for The Fantasy Trip Player/Collector:

Character Record Sheets (25 sheets) -- $5.00
Produced by Games Research Group in 1982 and printed in non-photocopy
blue to discourage copying.  Not a necessary item for TFT players,
more of a novelty item.  8 ½ x 11" Double-Sided.

Fantasy Masters' Screen for TFT (Excellent Condition) -- $6.00
All the information needed to run a successful session.  Tri-fold,
double-sided Game Master's Screen; cover in full color.

The Fantasy Master's Codex 1981 -- $12.00
A computerized guide to TFT game system.  It covers all TFT items
published through the end of 1980: The Game Master's complete
reference guide.  The Codex also includes: Lists of Talents, sorted by
name and I.Q; Spells, sorted by name, I.Q. and type; Magic Items,
sorted by name, type and cost; Potion & Bombs, sorted by type and
cost; Equipment, sorted by type; Jobs, grouped by classes; Also
includes: Monsters, Races, Combat Summary - including Dexterity
Adjustments, and a Saving Throw Table; and a FAQ section.

Misc. FRP Items:

Sprawl Sites (136-page Shadowrun Sourcebook) -- $3.50
This copy shows has moderate scuffing with several dings to the cover.
The interior pages are okay.  Sprawl Sites covers hundreds of
encounters of every type, from blood-crazed gangs and mystic magicians
to mild-mannered Orks and back-stabbing Corporate Cops.

Nocturnum: Long Shades (120-page Sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu) --
Published by Fantasy Flight Games, Nocturnum: Night Shades is a
Postmodern CoC Campaign Sourcebook which introduces a new alien evil
into your game.  Nocturnum can be played as a campaign, integrated
into an on-going game, or adapted to other horror games. Excellent

Millennium's End: The Medellin Agent (128-page Sourcebook) -- $7.00
The Medellin Agent is a complete sourcebook on a bloody South American
War, covering Colombia's geography and history as well as the forces
and agendas on either side of the battle lines.  Also included is an
adventure set in the heart of war-torn Colombia.  Excellent Condition.

My Policy (and etc.) for Orders:

If you live outside of the US, contact me about ordering.
Product is shipped from California.
Shipping is extra and will be calculated after the order is placed.
Please include your mailing address when placing an order, as this
information is needed to calculate shipping costs.
The USPS Priority Mail is my primary choice for shipping; if you want
me to ship by UPS or some other method, please inquire at the time of
order.  I do not ship C.O.D.
Orders paid by Money Order or Cashier's Check will ship within 2 days.
Orders paid by check will ship within 5 days.
Be aware that sometimes I get swamped with orders and I may run a
little behind.
Some US customers have sent cash for their orders.  This is something
I try to discourage.  If it's difficult to get a money order, just go
with a check.
Orders will be confirmed by e-mail and Shipping Charges will be
Orders will be packaged to minimize chances of damage.
E-mail will be sent to confirm the shipment is on its way.

If your order is under $50, and would like to have it insured, please
add 75 cents to your order (but someone needs to be there to sign for
the package).  If your order is over $40, and would like to have it
insured with a tracking number, I will be willing to pay half of the
$1.60 fee (again, someone needs to be there to sign).  Please state
your desire for insurance when placing an order.


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