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Re: (TFT) Re: Skirmish Arrived

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Personally, I never cared for action points (probably an idiosyncracy on my
part). Curiously, I did like the SPI modern games (Next War and NATO
Division Commander) that used the boardgame equivalent.

I do like the Azhanti High Lightning combat system. 1st ed. Striker
the system and I thought it worked well.


I went back to the "Starleader: Assault" game - Metagamings version of
Science Ficiton TFT after Steve Jackson left - and lo and behold its an
Action Point system that I think would work pretty well. I'm thinking about
giving it a shot in my TFT Traveller game and seeing how it comes out. I
like the TFT combat system, but it's getting a little aged. 

I think most games dont like the extra pain of Actions Points but I
remember combat flowing much more realistically than the "stop-take an
action-stop" method of both TFT and GURPS. You have to have all those extra
'engaged' and "this options not allowed if these conditons are there" that
I think APs may smooth over. 

I'll send you a version if I write it up.....

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