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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds & end

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I can't tell who wrote what above, but here's my response to the guy 
looking for stuff:

I've got a copy of Chitin: I and Ice War.  They're in good shape, though 
the counters are cut.  However, I'm not really interested in parting with 
them.  No, I don't say that to try to jack up the "trading" price.  It 
does mean I would like a lot for them (Chitin more than Ice War) -- more 
than they're probably worth, and probably more than what you could find 
them for elsewhere.

But, like you, I'm a collector, and I'd hate to see a collection go 
unfulfilled because I'm greedy, which is why I'm responding.  Please try 
as hard as you can to find those two titles elsewhere.  However, if you 
get to a point where you just can't seem to track them down, let me know 
(assuming you're even interested in copies that have cut counters).  
Seriously, I expect to ask for way too much in return, so I'm also going 
to hope you find them for less elsewhere.

Yeah, I know this was a strange email, but as I said, I don't want to 
part with my extra copies, yet I'd hate for that to keep you from filling 
out the collection.

--Andrew M.<

The guy who wrote that was Michael. That would be me. I understand

I took a little flack on this board because I send some strange emails
myself. I feel pretty much the same way, except that I would only offer to
trade games to the needy rather than sell them. I'd much rather have a game
I want than money. If someone's only going to offer me money, then I'd much
rather keep the game!

I know just how you feel and can appreciate it. There's a gaming convention
coming in February 14th  (after all - what else is there for gamers to do
then!) and so I'll look for them there - in the meantime, then Internet is
pointing me to some fairly good deals. (Hi Brett!).

So thank you - if  you'd rather keep them, I'd rather they stay in a good
home! But if your still interested, It wouldn't hurt to tell me your price!
 Also, if you want something you can't find, I have pretty good luck
finding rare games, so let me know what you need! Thanks again.

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