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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds &ends

>Eeek! You're the one! I couldn't understand this, since I've been 
>this game consistently go for $15-35 on eBay. I just picked up a 
>punched copy
>for $20 on eBay. And mint usually goes for the upper range. Get a hold 
>yourself! ;-)
>Ouch! Yeah, I'm getting a little disillusioned with eBay. I think the
>auction thing might just be a wierd way to jack up the price. And then
>everyone seems to add $20 shipping to the order, so I'm not sure it's 
>better than Titan or Fine Games. But hey - it's the Azhanti! Michael 

Well, a lot of stuff on eBay does get pricey (I hated not getting those
old Arduin modules, but there was no way I was forking out $120 for
them), but there's a lot of stuff that can be had for cheap, as well. 
Recently I just got the new edition of the Dungeon Master's Guide for $5,
which can't be beat.  Being basically a cheap person, I just have to be
patient, until I see something I want that's slipping past other people's
radar, so to speak.

And I don't deal with anyone who doesn't state their shipping & handling
costs up front (at least, not anymore I don't).

"Standing behind the girl won't do you any good, she'll only stop 3


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