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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds &ends

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You just have to wait until you see one at your price. I waited through 4 
Azhanti auctions before getting it at the price I wanted. I'm still waiting
Hacker. And look for those "8 different RPG books" for $10 deals. I've made

money enough to support my habit on those. One 23 book lot paid me $70 over

what I paid. The other online auction places are good places to pick up 
bargains. And, the online stores are not a bad place to shop either. I just
a buttload of Space: 1889 stuff from Titan in Shrinkwrap or Mint from their

discount page. And I'm buying from newsgroups and FLGS Used Bins. 

I guess the point is, no matter what you're trying to find, look in a lot
different places: ebay, other online auctions, online stores, local game
and best of all Garage Sales.<

Wow! That's alot of on-line shopping around! I just got a good order from
Dragon's Trove so I'm pretty happy with them. I just placed a good sized
order at Titan about a week ago and all I've heard so far was the automatic
reply. Have you had good luck with them? 

I usually do pretty well at the local gaming conventions, but the
conventions in Los Angeles are notoriously bad. 

I just put in a bid for Traveller/Tarsus, but I think if Titan goes through
I'll stick with the Fine Games/Dragon Trove and Titan. All in all they seem
to have better prices and selections!

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