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(TFT) TFT Campaign: Session 3

These are actually a few weeks late, since I had to type them up myself 
(yeah, I know -- what a whiner I am).  They're not quite as interesting 
as the previous sessions, since this session ended with the beginning of 
a "dungeon crawl."  Since it's been a while, there's a recap of the 
dramatis personae at the bottom.

Hope you enjoy!

--Andrew M.


Story notes from Session 3:

Saturday, November 28, 4498
When Sir Harrison, D'Gar and Dar wake up and explore, D'Gar finds a hill 
with two very small entrances, likely the nest of the n'argoyles.

D'Gar goes to the master physicker when they return. Sir Harrison goes to 
the medical tent to check on them and is told that D'Gar should be ready 
for duty in 1-3 days, but Alex won't be healed enough for 3-5 days.  Sir 
Harrison is dismayed, since he needs at least one of his trackers.

Sir Harrison comes over to Alex's cot and apologizes to him about the 
earlier comment made during the sparring match with Tyrin.  Meanwhile, 
D'Gar heads towards the barracks and is just barely able to perceive an 
argument coming from a floor above.  He makes his way up the stairs and 
realizes the voices are coming from behind a closed door on the third 
floor (obviously they're speaking quite loudly).  D'Gar is in the art 
gallery, where he can see many rich tapestries, paintings, and sculptures 
(including two busts - one male, one female).  He is unable to hear much 
of the details, but phrases such as "flying," and "quicker" and "too 
late" do reach his ears.  He decides to go to bed.

Sunday, November 29, 4498
Garret assigns light duty to D'Gar (i.e., scullery work around the 
barracks and training grounds), orders Alex to stay in bed and recover, 
and commands Ning to join the small group watching the "near" n'argoyle 
nest entrance that D'Gar discovered. The physicker gives Alex a small bit 
of a watery/milky elixir and tells him that should help him recover more 

During Ning's watch that night, he hears shouting coming from the other 
side of the small hill.  He and one of the other two guards take off to 
provide aid, but finds the darkness a formidable foe, for by the time he 
rounds the hill, there is silence.  Ning continues running at full pace 
towards the other location and feels something small shoot past his head. 
running, he then feels the pain of a crossbow bolt biting into his leg.  
He calls to the others, who realize he's not a charging n'argoyle.  Dar, 
who's leading the other group of men, orders the man who came with Ning 
back to the other side to watch with the lone man left behind. 

Monday, November 30, 4498
The next morning Ning heads returns to the keep, where he is shown to a 
cot in the physicker's room.  Alex asks the healer to find Garrett.  
While Alex is waiting, Rhigal comes to visit, but he doesn't have any 
additional information on the n'argoyles.  Eventually Garrett shows up 
and Alex tries to persuade him to let Lorraine's dragon help out, and 
also suggests that perhaps the n'argoyles are digging a third (or more) 
exit.  Garrett hears Alex's words, but seems reluctant to bring up using 
the dragon to Sir Harrison.  

D'Gar is busy beating the practice dummies (to get rid of the dust) and 
Tyrin approaches.  She waits politely and then finally whispers her 
request to use the dummies.  D'Gar finishes his work and moves on.

Tuesday, December 1, 4498
Alex is assigned to light duty, and D'Gar is given permission to step up 
his training to a normal level.  Later that morning, D'Gar notices Tyrin 
at the practice dummies again.  She asks him if he's interested in 
sparring a second time, and he readily agrees.  Though she's obviously a 
skilled fighter, D'Gar shows better than he did the first time.

Ning is released by the physicker and ordered to return to watching the 
nest.  While there, he and Ander, a guard significantly past his prime, 
talk about the n'argoyles.  There haven't been any new developments, and 
they've been told to keep watch until Sir Harrison orders an organized 
assault. Ning speculates that the n'argoyles likely sleep during the day, 
so perhaps creating a disturbance - a loud noise or a fire, for example - 
at one entrance might force the n'argoyles to flee (single file) out the 
other opening.  He then tries to goad Ander in taking action without 
awaiting orders from "Lord High and Mighty."  Ander refuses to take the 
bait, even when referred to as one of the "womenfolk" awaiting the 

Wednesday, December 2, 4498
D'Gar and Alex are called back to the healer's.  Count Aznor, Sir 
Harrison, and Garrett are waiting there.  The Count tells them that they 
have had magical potions of healing brought in from Plaize (the capital 
of Dihad).  The source is as reputable as one can expect (and hope), so 
the option to take the elixirs is up to the two wounded.  The physicker 
further explains that the potions are a larger doses of the drink Alex 
was given a few days before.  Both agree to take the potion.  D'Gar 
drinks and then Alex follows suit.  Again, the liquid is much like a 
watered-down version of skim milk.  In a very short amount of time, both 
feel much better.  As Count Aznor and Sir Harrison head out, Alex thanks 
them, noting that the potions must have come at a great cost.  As Garrett 
walks out the door, he turns to Alex and responds, "you'll never know...."

Thursday, December 3, 4498
The day is spent preparing for the assault.

Friday, December 4, 4498
The men are gathered, and the Count makes a brief speech.  Thannan is 
charged with leading D'Gar, Alex, Quew and Kay to meet up with Ning and 
Ander and approach from the "front," while Sir Harrison and the Count 
will lead a group from the other side.  Before the men ride off, Lorraine 
and Tyrin step up to bid their farewells to Count Aznor and Sir Harrison,
respectively.   While the Count and the dragonriding elf exchange a firm 
handhold, the knight and Tyrin embrace with a passionate kiss.

The entourage heads for the nests to meet up with the watchers.  Thannan 
and his group meet up with Ning and company and await the prearranged 
signal - a flaming arrow.  The signal comes, and they begin their crawl 
through the tight cavern entrance.  Alex leads, then Thannan, D'Gar, 
Ning, Ander, Quew, and Kay.  After crawling approximating 30 meters, they 
find themselves able to stand.  They assemble and light two torches.  
They're in a large cavern, with two obvious ways to continue.  Alex and 
D'Gar, being the lucky scouts they are, are sent to explore, one down 
each tunnel.  They report back that each leads to another cavern, so 
Thannan elects to head to the "right." Ander and Quew remain in the 
original chamber to make sure nothing non-human tries to escape, while 
the others step into the next room.  D'Gar cautiously follows one wall 
and Alex the other.  As his section begins to turn, Alex spies several 
sleeping n'argoyles attached to the wall.  He gets Thannan's attention, 
who signals for the others to approach slowly, hoping to have each guard 
in position to slay each of the six n'argoyles before Thannan calls for 
the strike.  Sadly, one of the other men-at-arms makes just enough noise 
for one of the n'argoyles to awaken.  The n'argoyles are surprised, but 
not so much that they cannot react.

The battle is quick, but bloody.  Alex and Kay are hurt (Alex somewhat 
badly) before all the n'argoyles are killed.  Alex and D'Gar tend to 
wounds while Thannan consults with them as to what to do next.


Recap of The Primary Cast (i.e., the PCs):
-->D'gar:  An ex-lieutenant in the Darokai military, D'gar refused to 
obey orders to lead his troops to murder villagers wrongfully accused of 
witholding food for the troops, and was rewared for his honesty with 
imprisonment.  A sergeant loyal to his leader drugged D'gar's guard and 
helped the lieutenant escape.  Fearing for his life, D'gar decided to get
far away and, having heard about Dihad from a comrade who sought his 
fortune there two years past, decided to follow the same path.

-->Alexa (Alex) Darkwood:  A mercenary scout from Soukor, Alexa was bid 
by her father, a horse-trader in Dibrey, to seek one of the five Bows of 
the Ancient Lords, one of which is rumored to have been lost long ago in 
the Dihadan county of Aznor.  Though not truly interested in pleasing her 
greedy, bastard of a father, Alexa agreed to the quest to distance 
herself from the memory of watching her lover of two years killed in 
battle.  Having
researched the chauvanistic customs of her homeland's neighbor, Alexa had 
her father retain a wizard to cast Glamor upon her, giving her the 
appearance of a man.

-->Ning:  A mercenary from Plaize, the capital of Dihad, Ning is always 
in search of ways to sell his sword arm.  Having heard stories that the 
good Count Aznor was increasing the size of his militia, and knowing that 
Aznor County is not far from the rumored location of the Elven Kingdom 
(the elven people being a minor passion of his), Ning made his way south 
to gain employment.
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