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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds &ends

>Well, a lot of stuff on eBay does get pricey (I hated not getting 
>old Arduin modules, but there was no way I was forking out $120 for
>them), but there's a lot of stuff that can be had for cheap, as well. 
>Yeah, it's just that I shop around often enough that I can generally 
>tellwhen something's 'really' rare. I'm still kicking myself because 
>Fine Games
>had a copy of "One-Page Bulge" for $12 and I passed on it. I've NEVER 
>a copy! Michael

Yeah, sometimes it's hard to judge these things.  Local conditions affect
prices a lot (for example, old D&D stuff is a lot pricier here in Atlanta
than, say, certain parts of the west coast).  The person selling the
Arduin modules started the bid at $1, i believe, which means *several*
people bidded extremely high prices to the point where someone finally
paid over $100 for them.

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