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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds &ends

From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
<stuff from me snipped>
> Wow! That's alot of on-line shopping around! I just got a good order from 
> Dragon's Trove so I'm pretty happy with them. I just placed a good sized
> order at Titan about a week ago and all I've heard so far was the automatic
> reply. Have you had good luck with them?

Yes, Titan is a good place to shop from many people I've talked to. Sometimes 
it takes them a few days to respond. Be patient.

> I usually do pretty well at the local gaming conventions, but the
> conventions in Los Angeles are notoriously bad.

I like the con auctions too.

> I just put in a bid for Traveller/Tarsus, but I think if Titan goes through
> I'll stick with the Fine Games/Dragon Trove and Titan. All in all they seem
> to have better prices and selections!

Whatever floats your boat. With most online stores, I only buy their bargain 
stuff. I can usually get stuff cheaper at online auctions. 

Another seller I've had good luck with is Darkhold, even though their 
messages on the newsgroups are annoying, almost spammish.

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