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Re: (TFT) TFT Football

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Guy McLimore wrote:

> Sounds like a cute idea, Dan. I know that COMPACT COMBAT could handle
> the passing/receiving and blocking/running aspects just fine. I think
> the sheer volume of figures and movement, though, would make it take
> forever if done man-to-man.

Yeah, I dont imagine that the players would want to play a whole
game without some further abstraction.  Perhaps a system which 
would reduce most plays to a couple of die rolls, but allow the
full setup for the really crucial plays (such as 4th n goal on 
the 1 with time running out)

What I was imagining was sort of a combination of "Blood Bowl"
and "Scrimmage" by SPI.  If you allowed combat during the play,
I bet the game would gravitate toward having your front line
composed of giants in plate mail, the tight ends wearing chain,
the running backs in leather and the wide receivers be unarmored.

Might also be fun to allow your elvish free safety to attempt
to shoot down the football on a long pass (small target, -6DX
at least) - or to eventually incorporate Wizard.  Quarterbacks
could lateral illusory footballs, receivers could get roped, 

Dan Tulloh

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