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Re: (TFT) TFT Football

Dan Tulloh suggests:

>With the SuperBowl looming on the horizon, I've been toying around
>with creating some rules for allowing Melee figures to compete on
>the football field. Basically, handoffs, laterals and passes will
>require some sort roll against DX; blocking and tackling will be
>contests of ST.
>Is such an idea worth pursuing? What do you think? Guy...these
>rules could probably incorporated in the PF system pretty easily.

Sounds like a cute idea, Dan. I know that COMPACT COMBAT could handle the passing/receiving and blocking/running aspects just fine. I think the sheer volume of figures and movement, though, would make it take forever if done man-to-man.

I'd suggest using the stats for TFT and/or COMPACT and abstracting the movement some. The offense would choose a play -- long pass, short pass, running it up the middle, etc. The defense would choose a defensive option, each of which would apply a defensive modifier against a certain action. Keeping defenders back to cover a possible long pass, for instance, will improve your chances to intercept. You'd have a set of stats for the Quarterback, the receiver, and the entire Defense as a whole.

If you pass, you roll the Quarterback's Long Pass skill to see if he gets the ball where it goes. (If the defense is rushing hard, there's a negative modifier). If it succeeds, the Receiver rolls his Catch skill to try and get and hold the ball. (If the Defense have played back to cover receivers better, HE gets a negative modifier.) If he succeeds, he catches the pass. Then you need a COMPACT COMBAT Running skill contest between the Receiver and the Defense. The difference between the rolls compares against a matrix to determine how many yards are gained.

You don't move individual pieces on the board. Instead, you just move the ball to show where the line of scrimmage is.

(Details to determine how FAR yu get in a play, as well as playing out running plays, short passes, kicks, fumbles, etc. are left as an exercise for the reader...)

Doing the same thing in TFT would be only slightly harder, I think. I'm not a football fan, really, so I don't think I'd want to design this one from scratch myself -- but if someone should seriously want to take a shot at doing it with a COMPACT/PlainLabel derived system, MicroTactix would take a look at it for a micro...

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