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(TFT) Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide available


Most of you on the list have probably heard about it already, but for
those who haven't, here is a brief overview:

* A reference source for sci-fi and fantasy gamers
* Covers the following magazines from 1975-1990:
  - Ares (SPI)
  - Fantasy Gamer (Steve Jackson Games)
  - Interplay (Metagaming)
  - Nexus (Task Force Games)
  - Space Gamer (various publishers)
  - The VIP of Gaming (DTI)
* A complete listing of issues and features for each magazine
* Thousands of articles listed for hundreds of games
* Over 500 pages long 
* Separate appendices index authors and magazine games
* Signed and numbered limited edition
* $29.95 plus shipping

TFT PLAYERS:  18 pages of references to TFT related articles including
contests, errata, fiction, humor, news, play-aids, previews, Q&A,
scenarios, variants, and reviews!  Plus you are bound to find something
else of interest in the hundreds of other games covered by the index...

Reply to themaverick@volcano.net to reserve your copy today!  Please 
visit the Gamer's Guide web site at http://www.brainiac.com/micro/sfgg
for more information about the Guide.


the Mav

P.S.  My apologies to those who receive this on more than one mailing

THE SPACE AND FANTASY GAMER'S GUIDE  http://www.brainiac.com/micro/sfgg/
 Limited edition index to the 1980's gaming magazines Space Gamer,
 Fantasy Gamer, Ares, Interplay, Nexus and VIP of Gaming.

 NOW AVAILABLE!  Contact themaverick@volcano.net to order your copy.
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