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(TFT) Hail Melee

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>I've noticed on this site that there are a lot of people who are isolated 
from other gamers and also that some have excess or are missing books.  Joe

(or whoever), is it possible to create a matrix and post it on the TFT home

page?  A layout could be:

        Name                                    John Paul Bakshoian
        City/State                              Pasedena, CA
        Nearest Convention              LA Airport (StrategiCon, OrcCon,
        TFT items owned                 ITL, AM, AW, Screen, several boxed
        Do you PBM?                             no
        Last updated                    6/99

This could be updated by e-mail.  It would at least generate a quick 
reference as to where TFT public is.  Any other headings that should go
this matrix?

And now for my contribution to The Fantasy Trip culture:
        Troop Movement in TFT.

<read my next posting for details.>

John Paul


Wow! If I'd only known! 

Michael Taylor
Venice, California 
LA Airport (StrategiCon, OrcCon, Gamex)
Everthing ever published professional or amateur for TFT (that I know of!)

I'd love to get together sometimes - feel free to email privately for phone
and details!

Glad to know someone's nearby!

PS: I'm 37 also long time player and GM and rules tinkerer. Have many
home-brew rules, but haven't found time to put them into shape and get them
to the web-site yet, but I am working on them!


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