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(TFT) TFT: Droids, DAWM, and IGDRIP

>From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
>  >>>>>>> Droids (/there's/ an obscure game), =
>Which I do have!

   Wow, another Droids player! -- I don't think the print run on it was very
large.  Droids was a pretty interesting little game.  I was a loose
aquaintance of Drew Mounce -- the game's artist -- in Arlington, TX.  I
think there was actually a capsule review of Droids in The Space Gamer.
   I actually got to play Droids once at a convention long ago.
Unfortunately there were only two GM's for the event, there was an
overwhelming response of players who signed up (about 50!), they all seemed
to be around 10 years of age (except myself), and the adventure was nothing
more than an uninteresting firefight with one giant bad-guy robot on an
otherwise featureless rocky plain.  I remember spending all of my time
trying to get to cover before finally getting to shoot at the thing with my
heavily-armored laser arm.  Not fun.

>>>>>>>Dream Along With Me (/really/obscure), =
>Wow! What's this? I love obscure games.....

   Dream Along With Me (or DAWM) was a playtest creation of Bill Pugh in
Dallas, Texas.  Like TFT it was a fantasy roleplaying game.  I found it
interesting and realistic, but there were too many complicated formulas in
the game to hold my interest . . .  even worse than GURPS.

>>>>>>>through IGDRIP once or
>What is IGDRIP? =

   Someone wrote two nice little fiction pieces in The Space Gamer about a
computer named IGDRIP (acronym meaning forgotten) which could read your mind
and design and print out the perfect microgame for your personality.  But
that's not all!  Push a certain button and IGDRIP would square the
complexity of the game -- making it much larger -- and print /that/ out, and
so on.  After reading the first test subject's mind and pushing the button
twice, IGDRIP spat out an insects vs. humans monster wargame called
/Honeydew Holocaust/.  It came complete with a huge map of the Earth with a
scale of 1 hex = 5 meters, thousands of counters, and insanely detailed
rules that expected players to keep track of things such as well-being for
individual insects.  Reminded me of /Campaign for North Africa/.
   Then they pushed the button /again/ . . .
   So if you hooked me up to IGDRIP then TFT would probably pop out.  If you
then push that button then something like GURPS would appear (except
playtested much better and with no glaring careless errors).

Dave Seagraves
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