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(TFT) RPG and miniatures

From: John Paul Bakshoian <shadowhex@hotmail.com>
> My quick interpretation of RPG and miniatures styles is:
> 	Roleplaying				=	all acting
> 	Miniatures Roleplaying	=	using miniatures w/ emphasis on RPG
> 	Roleplaying Miniatures	= Using miniatures w/ less emphasis on RPG
> 	Miniatures				=	all representational tactics

An interesting division. I simply divide between primarily roleplaying vs. 
primarily miniatures. In RPGs, figures are simply a play aid, even if you have 
detailed rules for movement. So, TFT and GURPS are RPGS, Melee and 
Dawn Patrol are miniatures games (OK, Dawn Patrol is a boardgame). DP's 
roleplaying has very little to do with the actions of the game.  

(Heavy dose of In My Opinion).

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