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Re: (TFT) RPG and miniatures

I'd classify Melee as a wargame, rather than as a miniatures game, because of 
the board and the hexes (not to mention that most of the rest of the 
MicroGames are clearly board games).

To me, part of the definition of a miniatures game is that it has continuous 
movement - using rulers, instead of hexes or squares.

I'm still awaiting the promised rules expansion for troops.  I've yet to see 
a system that allows one to abstract results for multiple figure 'stands', 
while retaining about the same distribution of results as one would get 
playing out all the combats individually.

Warren Dew


From: John Paul Bakshoian <shadowhex@hotmail.com>
> My quick interpretation of RPG and miniatures styles is:
> 	Roleplaying				=	all acting
> 	Miniatures Roleplaying	=	using miniatures w/ emphasis on RPG
> 	Roleplaying Miniatures	= Using miniatures w/ less emphasis on RPG
> 	Miniatures				=	all representational 

An interesting division. I simply divide between primarily roleplaying vs. 
primarily miniatures. In RPGs, figures are simply a play aid, even if you 
detailed rules for movement. So, TFT and GURPS are RPGS, Melee and 
Dawn Patrol are miniatures games (OK, Dawn Patrol is a boardgame). DP's 
roleplaying has very little to do with the actions of the game.  

(Heavy dose of In My Opinion).

Brett Slocum  --  slocum@skypoint.com  --  ICQ #13032903
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