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Re: (TFT) Hail Melee

Okay, I'll chime in:

Name:             Jeffrey May
City/State:       Kansas City, Missouri
Nearest Con:      ConQuest, though I haven't attended the last 3.
                  ShaunCon, KC's gaming convention, but only attended 1 or 2
TFT Items Owned:  'Most everything commercially released except Interplay #5.
PBM:              No.
Last Updated:     7/99

The roleplaying group I'm part of played TFT quite a bit in the early 80s,
but we gradually drifted back to D&D.  A year or so later we dropped that in
favor of Magic World, a simple RPG derived from Chaosium's BRP rules (~Call
of Cthulhu, RuneQuest).  In the last year or so I've worked on some
modifications to the rules.  The project is currently in limbo due to lack
of interest among the other players.

Maybe someday...

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