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Re: (TFT) TFT: Droids, DAWM, and IGDRIP

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A untrue rumor at that.  Car Wars was never published by Metagaming.  Maybe
choice was between Ogre and TFT.  Many TFT fans wanted is see it return
Metagaming folded, SJ looked into obtaining the right but the asking price
$250,000.  Maybe if it had been someone other then Jackson asking the price
would have been more reasonable, I don't the he and H. Thomson (?) were
along well after the lawsuit over Orge.

Tim C.

Sounds like your right, the choice may have been between Ogre and TFT - but
if that's right, then I why the need for a rights lawsuit about Ogre? I
wonder if we'll ever get the real story? Maybe a movie of the week!

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