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(TFT) Still looking for most TFT, but thought of trade poss...

	Me again - still (yeah it's only been a few days, so what? :)
looking for TFT stuff...but something occured to me while searching
through town for it: local places don't have it, but they *do* have a
bunch of other random RPG stuff, so...
	If anyone has extras of ITL, AdvWiz, AdvMel or Tol's lair, and is
looking for anything specific (rpg stuff only, alas, local places stock no
microgames or other wargames), please let me know and I can look around
while out digging...the assortment isn't super, but I did recognize some
old, random stuff and newer, random stuff that I know isn't that common.
	Who knows? Chances aren't great, but I just *may* turn up what
you're looking for (goes for books & other non-papergames stuff,
too...moving used stuff to where it's needed, I guess).
* Brian Dunkle * Comp. Sys. Manager; general computer guy, networks 'n' stuff
* Division of Biomedical Communications, AHSC, Tucson AZ (much too hot)
* bdunkle@biocom.arizona.edu           http://www.biocom.arizona.edu/~bdunkle

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