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(TFT) Raymond Feist's Riftwar World

I'm going way back in the archives for this one.

Tim Hawn posted in Aug 98
Campaign World.

Ever read any of Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar stuff? It is great reading and that is where I started my "world." It has since taken on a life of it's own, but still has it's roots in the world created by Feist. The rule changes required are mostly common sense. The TFT magic provided in Advanced Wizard is the "Lesser" magic from his books and the players have seen the results of the "Greater" magic as depicted in his books, but since none of them KNOW any of the spells, >or have the ability to cast them, there are no RULES per se.

Back in the heyday of TFT, Feist worked with a group called MIDKEMIA PRESS run by Abrams and Everson. Abram's world is set about a thousand years after riftwars. The Sunken Lands are where mountains once stood. They created cities and land modulebooks that I use to this day. Midkemia is the western edge of my Nortam continent. By the way, about 4 years ago I tried to read Magician and only got about a quarter of the way through. Others recommend Feist, I recommend Midkemia Press. To reach their website <http://www.midkemia.com/welcom.html> at least I hope thats it.

Oh, and MAGIC is VERY rare and magicians are scorned and often hung on sight. Needless to say, running a wizard in my campaigns is challenging, rewarding, and the center of quite a bit of grief for the warriors in the party.

I like it when wizards have a hard time of it with the locals. In Nortam, wizards and religions are at odds, so flashy wizards may have a congregation chasing them down.

John Paul

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