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Re: (TFT) TFT: Quickness and IQ

>>TOUGHNESS (IQ 8, Costs 1, needs ST 12+): This talent will exercise your
>>body so that the muscles are strengthened and worked up so that it will
>>stop 1 hit of damage. This talent can be used with the Warrior or Veteran=
>>talents if you wish.
> In a way, this talent is a logical prequel to Warrior and Veteran, but I
>have a tough time believing it's possible for any human to stop 3 hits naked
>. . . as tough as a gargoyle, dragon, or chainmail armor! It's also cheap
>as hell . . . too cheap. I don't like it . . . let's just stick with
>Warrior and Veteran. (play buzzer sound here.)

Yeah, I know that is the way this one reads - but I don't usually think
of it that way. The problem with TFT is that the only real way you can
defend yourself (without magic) is by either loading on the armor and/or
beefing up the strength. There just has to be some way you can parry or
bob and weave without going into "full dodge or defend" modes.

So talents which allow you absorb 1 or more points of damage don't
necessarily mean that your skin is tougher - it might mean that you
can dodge out of the way just enough to lessen the blow by a point
of damage or two.


I tend to agree with Dan, but Dave is right on one thing, Toughness
is much too cheap. I have put the following talent in my campaign:

CAMPAIGNER (3) coreq Veteran and a ST 20+ & DX 14+. Like
Veteran it allows you to take 1 less point of damage by moving with
the blow. (-3 hits with Warrior and Veteran.) Optional rule: The
first 2 hits that get past Campaigner (and Warrior / Veteran), are
fatigue damage.

By the way, I would like to thank everyone who is posting
new rules to the mailing list. They are my favorite type of post.


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