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(TFT) Warrior/veteran talents

Dan Tulloh wrote:

 <Yeah, I know that is the way this one reads - but I don't usually think
of it that way.  The problem with TFT is that the only real way you can
defend yourself (without magic) is by either loading on the armor and/or
beefing up the strength.  There just has to be some way you can parry or
bob and weave without going into "full dodge or defend" modes.
So talents which allow you absorb 1 or more points of damage don't
necessarily mean that your skin is tougher - it might mean that you
can dodge out of the way just enough to lessen the blow by a point
of damage or two.>

I agree with your statement.  Warrior and veteran are based on combat
experience.  As stated under the the description, "knows how to roll with
the punches".  The problem though is why do both talents have prerequisites
in ST.  Isn't personal experience something learned.  Maybe the talent
should have had its prerequisites in DX, as the character "knows how to roll
with the punches", or perhaps changing the IQ of the talents because of its
relationship to personal experience.  But then again,  as TFT:ITL states on
page 8, Strength governs how easily a fighter/monster can resist being
knocked down or otherwise physically mistreated.
How's that for a politicians answer.

Yours in Cidri

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