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(TFT) Parrying & Shield Block

A tft house rule I use is to let fighters parry as an action instead of
making an attack.

Alf the Orc (A) strikes at Bill the Dwarf (B) - [A rolls a hit]
Bill trys to parry instead of making his own attack - [B rolls under his adj

If Bill fails his adjDx roll Alf's attack cuts through and hits,
If Bill makes his AdjDx he parries Alf's attack.
Alf and Bill both roll for weapon damage;
    Subtract Bills damage from Alf's Damage. [A hits - B hits]
    If Alf inflicts more than Bill stops then Bill takes the surplus hits;
    [eg Alf rolls 8 hits, Bill rolls 6 hits, Bill takes 2 hits]
    If Bill stops more than Alf inflicts then neither take any hits.

Critical Hits and Fumbles count for both attack and Parry rolls.
    If a Parry fumbles they can lose their weapon as for an attack fumble.
    If a Parry scores a crit success they get doubled or tripled hits in

Alternately (this is up to the GM's Dramatic Interpretation!)
A critical Parry may disarm an attacker, and/or leave the attacker open to a
follow up attack.

If the defender has to make multiple parries in the same round then they
incur  -2 DX penalties for each additional parry.

A fighter can make an attack and a parry in the same round at -4Dx for the
second action (attack or parry).

Things get complicated when you start figuring in two weapons or Main
Then Dx-2 for the first action and Dx-4 for the second (as standard AM two
weapons rules?)

Shield Blocks work like parrying; A Shield stops 1D+ its usual hits stopped.
A shield always stops its basic hit stopped even if the shield block fails.

Critical hits and fumbles may disarm an opponent or lose the shield.

A shield bearer may make an attack in the same round they shield block at
Dx -2 for the second action (attack, block or parry)

Note; if the fighter doesn't have the Shield talent,  their Adj Dx for
shield block is at -4.

Chris Nicole
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