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Re: (TFT) TFT: Quickness and IQ

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>Have you considered extending this concept to ST?  You could 
allow people to buy "adjST" at a similar rate, with the adjST 
being used as hit points/fatigue.  It's nice to be able to have
a powerful mage who isn't a hulking tower of ST.<

I thought the most ingenious solution to this problem was in Fantasy Forum,
Thought-Powered Spells by Howard Trump, #8, pg 16-18.

The simplest way to paraphrase his fix is:
Any IQ point not used for Talents can be traded as 1 fST. 
Any IQ points higher than the highest spell or talent you know can be
traded for 12 fST.

Now, because this gives you lots of extra points there are restrictions on
what they can be spent on, the most obvious one being - these points cannot
be used for Missile Spells!

A nice simple fix that requries no TFT rule changes...

That said, I also allow ST and DX to be 'split' in the same manner as IQ.
When you buy an ST point, you can either have 1 ST point or 2 Hits Points
or 2 ST (not used with Hit Points). For DX its the same thing - either 1 DX
point or 2 SC (to-hit roll) points. For IQ its 1 IQ point or 2 KN
(knowledge/talents points).

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