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Re: (TFT) Need infomation- somewhat off-topic

Sorry for the off-topic, but I don't have "Tim C."'s address to give this directly to him!


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RE:	Re: (TFT) Need infomation- somewhat off-topic

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<< A few folks have given the web-sites of places that sale out of print
 games, does anyone have their URLs.  I'm trying to hunt down a copy of the
 game WINGS from Yaquinto.  Thanks, and sorry for being OT.
 Tim C.<
It was re-released a few years ago by Excalibre Games and I still have a copy 
in stock in the shrinkwrap.  Price on it is $40 and we pay the shipping (if 
you live in the US).  Let us know if you're stillintersted.

Scott Thorne
Castle Perilous Games

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