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(TFT) Realism and Defense

Jim Dirmeier stated:

 <The subject thread of increasing character survivability is very
interesting. But, I am reminded about the one thing that initialy drew me to
TFT and that was the realistic frailty of the characters. I agree that it is
extremely frustrating to have your favorite 42 point character get impaled
on the end of some Prootwaddle's spear but, HEY, isn't that pretty

I think part of the reason we began writing about this topic is because of
realism and more personal participation in the game itself.  TFT's defense
is too passive, except for DEFEND and DODGE, their is nothing much
character's can do except hope their armor or magic will stop the damage of
the opponent.  No person will freely allow themself to be hit without doing
something to prevent the attack from damaging that person.  I believe we are
trying to fix that flaw though this forum without destroying the ease of
play that you mention.

<1.) Does this unbalance my campaign
2.) Is the character balanced (does he pay an appropriate price somewhere
else on his character sheet to gain this advantage)>

Agreed and this is what I think we as a group are trying to do.

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