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(TFT) Defense realism and list growth

Dan Tulloh wrote:

<The other alternative would be to employ the GURPS model - ie,
you make an attack roll and your opponent makes a parry roll.
This seems more realistic, but probably doesnt fit well into
the TFT system.
Dan Tulloh>


Why not?  Most of the systems I have seen written by fellow list members
either fall into this vain or having negative DX for parry.

Rick Smith wrote:

<By the way, I would like to thank everyone who is posting
new rules to the mailing list. They are my favorite type of post.

I totally agree with you.   I believe I can say it for almost anyone on this
list that even though we may not agree with some home rules that at least
the creative juices of TFT are going again after almost 15 years.
Also I don't know if you have noticed in the past week many more people have
joined the list, including myself, and I think it is because all of us want
to get our own two cents in the the melting pot of these home rules.

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