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Re: (TFT) Re: Disadvantages

On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, grabowski wrote:

> Of the two articles, the first is the best as it has a handicap table that
> randomly assigns a handicap.  As it states, in real life, you don't get to
> choose your handicap.  The problem, as a GM and I could say this about GURPS
> as well, is remembering which character had which handicap or forgetting the
> handicap and of course do you think the player is always going to tell you.
> In the past week, the list has been writing about realism, "How realistic is
> it to have a (lots of adjectives) old, fat, blind, hemophiliac fighter in
> combat?"  The only thing it does is lend itself to roleplaying and
> interesting characters.  Comments???

Blindness is an interesting handicap ... wizards casting images and
illusions would be *severely* affected as they've never seen the
thing they are attempting to create (unless they went blind later 
in life).  Also ... wizards are supposed to be able to see through
the eyes of their creations.  This poses another interesting problem
for blind characters as you now have to determine if the cause for
their blindness is in their nerves and/or eyes (in which case they
might be able to see through the eyes of a created being) or if the
cause of the blindness is in the brain, in which case they would not
be able to see through the eyes of their creations.

Not to mention the fact that there probably aren't very many scrolls
written in braille lying around.  Blindness probably should confer a
higher handicap on wizards.

Dan Tulloh

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