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Re: (TFT) David v. Goliath

To the list:

Speaking of "real" weapons like slings, has anyone done any rules for the 
Roman Pila? I also wish that a character could have more than two weapons and 
a dagger. As an example, I want to model a Roman Legionnary. He carries a 
dagger, a shortsword, a large shield and at least one pila (Javelin). How do 
you model this in TFT? Lastly has anyone done any rules for the Gladitorial 
games? How do you do the Roman Retarius with his trident and net. I tried 
once by using Wizard spells to simulate the net trip and the net entangle 
attacks, but was not satisfied with the results....


PS: I need a copy of ITL and AM, PLEASE!!!! Does anyone have spares for sale?
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