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Re: (TFT) Bone to pick with rolling to miss

	I have hundreds of pages of new rules / monsters / spells and
talents for TFT.  Rather than overwhelming Ty with stuff I give him a
couple articles, wait until he has time to get them converted to HTML
and put on the site and then give him the next batch. 

	I can check with Steve (I am sure he won't mind allowing
the article to go up but I could check) but Ty has a bunch of my stuff, 
and I don't want to pressure him by sending more.

	By the way, I would like to publicly say thank you Ty for 
your efforts!  I am delighted to have a forum for posting my rules!!!


>The "rolling to miss" rules were always pretty lame. In Rick Smith's
>unfortunately now-default magazine "The Great Unnamed TFT APA", issue #1
>there was an excellent article called "Rolling To Miss in TFT" by Steve
>Parrot that gives DX modifiers to the attacker according to how many people
>are in the way. A simple and elegant solution. 
>Perhaps Rick and Steve can be persuaded to donate it to the web site. 

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