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Re: (TFT) Movement and encumbrance or Run, Forrest, Run

>Has anyone come up with a rule for on movement and armor that is less
>constrictive and and more realistic.  My experience in working in both chain
>armor, or breast and back plate, or jack plate comes from working as a
>military craft demonstrator at Jamestown Settlement over the past few
>summers has told me that armor does not slow one down.  It is hot and
>somewhat, according to what type of armor it is, constricting to movement
>(mostly arm) but not enough to to slow you down from 10 MA to 6 MA when
>wearing chain armor.  If anything would slow a person down it would be the
>total weight that person is carrying on his body.  I believe movement should
>somehow be based upon a character's ST and not just the random number 10.

	I think it is fine basing preq. on ST rather than DX or IQ.  I am a 
little uneasy about the wholesale increase of MA, basically on the grounds
of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  I agree that it doesn't slow you down that
much, but lowering your MA is much easier than complicated rules on cooking
in the hot sun, and how much mass you are carrying, etc.

	I think that the cost of talents in a series like that, should get 
increasingly more expensive as you go up the series, so your sprinting I
feel is too cheap.

	Just my two cents,  :)

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