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(TFT) Races with low max IQ.

	A few thoughts.

	First 'real' neaderthals, were probably as smart as we are,
they actually had slightly more brain tissue per body weight.  That
said, I know that they have strict maximum IQ's in TFT.

	In my campaign, people may take a talent one 1 IQ higher
than their IQ but it costs them twice as much memory.  They can
take a talent 2 IQ higher than their IQ but it costs *5 memory.  No
higher IQ talents may be taken at any memory price.

	This makes almost no impact on PC's (they just wait 
until they raise their IQ, since memory is too precious).  However
for races like giants or gargoyles, this rule is a godsend.  It allows
a rare giant leader to know tactics or whatever.

	PC's are much more interested in playing such races with
this rule in place.


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