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Re: (TFT) New Talents

grabowski wrote:
> QUICKDRAW SWORD (1).  The ability to quick draw a sword, as in the Iaijutsu
> of Japan.  This ability allows a sword to be readied in the same turn it
> will be used to attack or defend.  To do this, the character must roll his
> adjDX.  If the roll is made, the sword is readied.  If the roll was not
> made, treat as a normal ready weapon option.  All fumbles equal dropped
> weapon.   If using the quick draw, the character may only use combat options
> 1a, 1b, & 1d.  Prerequisite:  adjDX 12 and sword.

Given that Thrown Weapons talent lets you whip out a mace or spear and throw it
a single action, this talent seems more than reasonable.  But given that AM
you to pick up a weapon off the floor during movement with a dex roll,
of your action, I have wonder if Quickdraw should even be a talent, maybe just a 
change to the rules.  (Either that, or the "free quickdraw during movement" rule 
should be looked at.)  One way or another, though, like it should be easier to 
draw a sword from a scabbard than from the floor.

OTOH, if you fail your "quickdraw from floor" roll you end up with nothing, not
a weapon that's ready next round, so maybe that makes up for it.

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