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(TFT) Quickdraw McGraw

Stan mentions,

<<<<> QUICKDRAW SWORD (1).  The ability to quick draw a sword, as in the
> of Japan.  This ability allows a sword to be readied in the same turn it
> will be used to attack or defend.  To do this, the character must roll his
> adjDX.  If the roll is made, the sword is readied.  If the roll was not
> made, treat as a normal ready weapon option.  All fumbles equal dropped
> weapon.   If using the quick draw, the character may only use combat
> 1a, 1b, & 1d.  Prerequisite:  adjDX 12 and sword.
Given that Thrown Weapons talent lets you whip out a mace or spear and throw
a single action, this talent seems more than reasonable.  But given that AM
you to pick up a weapon off the floor during movement with a dex roll,
of your action, I have wonder if Quickdraw should even be a talent, maybe
just a
change to the rules.  (Either that, or the "free quickdraw during movement"
should be looked at.)  One way or another, though, like it should be easier
draw a sword from a scabbard than from the floor.
OTOH, if you fail your "quickdraw from floor" roll you end up with nothing,
a weapon that's ready next round, so maybe that makes up for it.>>>

The rule states that "a weapon picked up this way is ready next turn".  The
rule regards MA loss if an item is picked up.  I know that Ty on his site
mentions a talent quickdraw sword in his Refined Character Creation system
but does not go into specifics.  Maybe he could give us his home rule for

Thanks for the comment, Stan
Yours in Cidri,

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