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Re: (TFT) Human Kevlar and Shield and Parry

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And Michael, if we used your 9 July comments
>There are lot harder to 'number-crunch' than GURPS and there also
>a lot more 'severe' than the easily ignored GURPS Disads. IMHO.
>>>>>>>>>>would you use GURPS as a resource?

Actually I'm converting monsters from Dinosaurs/Ice Age and Beastiary for
use in TFT Tribes RPG right now. So, for monsters I would. Because I'm
doing cavemen, I'll probably also convert the Shaman spells from GURPS
Religion as well. 

But the Advantages and Disadvantages? I don't think I would ever allow
them. They don't seem very well-balanced to me. (Keeping in mind that I
would allow Handicaps which have several 'user-definable' options).

Another thing I allow is "Pre-adventuring Experience", which in a nutshell
allows you sixteen 3d6 rolls with an equal chance of getting +1, -1 or +0
Attribute points. This allows you to start out with more than 32 points or
less and is kindof an option for those who like random rolls.

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