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RE: (TFT) Quickdraw v. Fastdraw

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A cost of two points is reasonable.

Number of hands is dependent on what you are drawing. A pistol is a lot
easier to ready than a two handed sword, and may be done with one hand.
for a dagger.

Indeed, given that a turn is 5 seconds, one could easily argue in the case
of a loaded pistol that it could be readied and fired WITHOUT the Fastdraw
skill. A dagger is just as easy to ready (hence the HTH die roll that gives
you a chance of getting it out.). Even a long sword/katana type weapon is
fairly easy to draw and use, with a little practice.

Personally, I think the whole rules regarding readying weapons should be
rethought - I don't think they're that bad, but there is room for

See Starleader: Assault from Metagaming for a very interesting re-thinking
of basic TFT combat.

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