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Re: (TFT) TFT: Various Stuff

Well ... I seem to have sparked quite a debate!  :)

> Dave writes:
>   "The Deed of Paksenarrion" has some great detail on mercenary 
> units and the weapons that they use.  

"The Deed of Paksenarrion" was an excellent trilogy and I heartily
recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy.

>   (Case in point: I personally don't consider myself all that 
> intelligent (perhaps no higher than IQ 10) but I /am/ very well read 
> and trained in a great variety of talents beyond the mundane -- 
> Driving, Piloting, Computer Operation, Electronics, Scholar, Vehicle
> Design, Astronomy, Pistol, Area Knowledge: Sirius Star Cluster, etc. 
> -- perhaps as many as 20 or 30 IQ points worth of talents, making my 
> adjIQ at least this high.  With only 10 IQ points and the base rules
> in /In The Labyrinth/ I would not be able to design myself as a TFT
> character, and I'm sure this is also true for many of you on this 
> mailing list.  One would also have a tough time creating Conan
> in TFT, given all of the things he knows how to do.)

Well, lets not go overboard  :)  Talents in TFT are things that a 
character knows how to do WELL.  Everyone has a number of mundane
talents associated with the society in which they live - Driving
is an excellent example.  You don't really need to get a Driving
talent unless you want to drive professionally, get an edge in 
the weekend racing events or become a full fledged race car driver.
Area Knowledge is more than knowing where things are, its more 
along the lines of a local historian.  Just because you don't have
a talent for something doesnt mean you can't do it at all.

>    Also, the "tada" rule doesn't make for a very good "plug-in."  
> It's a basic change to the IQ rules which (to be fair) all 
> characters would probably have to be forced to follow.

Under this measurement, AdjIQ doesnt fit well as a plug-in either because
those characters who don't use it are at a disadvantage.
Therefore, all characters are "forced" to use it in order to keep

Rick writes:

>	If you feel that people are not getting enough talents 
>the very first fix should be to lower the costs of talents and allow 
>talents that cost 1/2 of a memory point.  I strongly feel that
>many talents are over priced.  This change would fix the problem
>with NO rule changes.

It makes sense to approach the problem from this angle as well.


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