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Re: (TFT) TFT: Various Stuff

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Well ... I seem to have sparked quite a debate!  :)

>   (Case in point: I personally don't consider myself all that 
> intelligent (perhaps no higher than IQ 10) but I /am/ very well read 
> and trained in a great variety of talents beyond the mundane -- 
> Driving, Piloting, Computer Operation, Electronics, Scholar, Vehicle
> Design, Astronomy, Pistol, Area Knowledge: Sirius Star Cluster, etc. 
> -- perhaps as many as 20 or 30 IQ points worth of talents, making my 
> adjIQ at least this high.  With only 10 IQ points and the base rules
> in /In The Labyrinth/ I would not be able to design myself as a TFT
> character, and I'm sure this is also true for many of you on this 
> mailing list.  One would also have a tough time creating Conan
> in TFT, given all of the things he knows how to do.)<

Why is it that every IQ 10 gamer thinks they're really IQ 30? :D
(sorry - couldn't resist!)

Seriously though, here's how I see it:

ST 8, DX 9, IQ 17 (32-points)
HANDICAP: Reputation (2 pts, "once claimed to be smarter than god on the
TALENTS: Driver (9/1), Pilot (9/2), Computers (10/2), Literacy (8/1),
Electrician (13/4), Scholar (13/3), Astronomy (10/2), Pistol (9/2)

A perfectly valid beginning character in my game. 

Area Knowledge, Sirius Star Cluster and Vehicle Design are all trivial
knowledge. Interesting for your backstory and the GM may even give you
additional bonuses for it, but they are not worth a talent. IMHO.

Now, using adjIQ, here's how it breaks down:
ST 8, DX 9, IQ 13 (15) (32-points)
TALENTS: Driver (9/1), Pilot (9/2), Computers (10/2), Literacy (8/1),
Electrician (13/4), Scholar (13/3), Astronomy (10/2), Pistol (9/2)

With breaking ANY TFT rule this is just a 34-point character! 

I'd allow any one of them....

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