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Re: (TFT) TFT: Various Stuff

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Well ... I seem to have sparked quite a debate!  :)<

Hey, this is fun! 

Maybe we should add these to the TFT contacts website! In addition to your
email and address - your TFT stats!

Michael Taylor (28-points)
ST 8, DX 11, IQ 11, MA 10
TALENTS: Literacy (8/1), Typing (9/1), Computers (10/2), Programmer I
(10/2), Driver (9/1), Gaming (9/1)
HANDICAP: Loudmouth (-1), Jerk (-1)

Now I know I'm no equal to all those other athletic, lightning fast and
genius gamers I play with, but this is basically me! 

One of the things I LIKE about TFT is that you don't really get the sense
of a character from their stats alone. You HAVE to have the background
story to bring that character alike. One of the common complaints about TFT
is that "all high level characters look alike". Well, that's ONLY true if
you dont find out the roleplaying aspects of the character. 

In other words, you HAVE to roleplay to make TFT work. That's what makes it
a great game....

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