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Re: (TFT) TFT: More AdjIQ

Dan Seagraves writes:

    I like the elegance of "adjIQ" over "memory."

Elegance?  It's the lack of elegance in terminology that causes me to dislike 
adjIQ in this usage.

adjDX is _lower_ than actual DX because of modifications due to encumbrance.

Elegance would dictate that adjIQ should be _lower_ than actual IQ because of 
modifications of some sort (e.g., -1 for carrying a five-pack, -5 for 
carrying a 1-pack).

Instead, the rule uses the same terminology - the 'adj' prefix - to indicate 
totally different things.  That's a special case, which is inelegant.  
Compact, perhaps, but inelegant - like using two digits to designate the year 
in your computer program.

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