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(TFT) Teaching and questions for the list

Michael writes,

<<<I have Teacher (9/2) as a mundane talent - and I make it a prerequisite
teaching anyone else a talent or spell.>>>

Very good, Michael and thank you for letting it cost 2 IQ.  Teaching is not
as easy as you think it is even with the two months off in the summer.  My
wife can attest the work I do at home at night during the school year makes
up for the time I have off in the summer.  Your talent gets an A+.

Now for the questions:

1)  How many people out there are primarily FM's (Fantasy Master is the
correct title when it comes to TFT) in their years of TFT experience?  How
many of you were primarily players?

My experience is I have been primarily a GM oops FM in TFT

2)  How did you become involved in playing the game?

Hey, when you work in McDonald's in the late 70's and see two games (Melee &
Wizard) for under $10 in that neat little format, What a deal!!!  I bought
them in a mall in Philadelphia.  Years later, I had a friend that was hot
and heavy into both Melee and Wizard told me they had just come out with the
advanced versions of the game I rushed out and bought them as well as ITL.
Again what a deal, less than 20 bucks.  From that point on I was truly

3)  This question you don't have to answer it fi you don't want to.  What
were you doing, occupation-wise, when you first enter the realm of Cidri,
also called TFT:ITL?  And what are you doing now?

I worked at a game store and at a print shop in the Philadelphia area.  Now
I teach Social Studies to 7th graders in Virginia.

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