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Re: (TFT) Teaching and questions for the list

	I've been a game master (FM?) since TFT came out.
>1)  How many people out there are primarily FM's (Fantasy Master is the
>correct title when it comes to TFT) in their years of TFT experience?  How
>many of you were primarily players?

	My friend bought a copy of Melee & Wizard and I never looked
>2)  How did you become involved in playing the game?

	High School student.  Now I'm a professional game designer 
/ teacher of C++ game programming.
>3)  This question you don't have to answer it fi you don't want to.  What
>were you doing, occupation-wise, when you first enter the realm of Cidri,
>also called TFT:ITL?  And what are you doing now?


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