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Re: (TFT) questions for the list

>Now for the questions:
>1)  How many people out there are primarily FM's (Fantasy Master is the
>correct title when it comes to TFT) in their years of TFT experience?  How
>many of you were primarily players?

I started out as a player back in 1979/80(?) at university trying out this
little fantasy game between rounds of D&D and some Starfleet Battles.
Then (in 1981) joined the Canadian Air Force (eh!) to support my new wife
and family and never "saw" TFT again until 1989 when I was posted to the
east coast (Nova Scotia) and met/joined the Fantasy Field Trip Society at
Wolfcon. They used/use a very abbreviated and modified set of TFT rules
for LARP (live action role playing) and I've been with them ever since.
Other than a few short campaigns and some pbm games I ran for friends
I've been a player for the most part.

>2)  How did you become involved in playing the game?

One of our regular GM's for D&D saw/bought the melee/wizard/ITL rules
originally and we just started playing it occasionaly "for a change" or when
we were short players for our regular D&D game.
(University of New Brunswick 1978-1981)

>3)  This question you don't have to answer it fi you don't want to.  What
>were you doing, occupation-wise, when you first enter the realm of Cidri,
>also called TFT:ITL?  And what are you doing now?

I was working part time as a store clerk and hanging around with my
university friends (after flunking out for missed classes and general
I am currently 18 1/2 years as an Avionics Technician in the Canadian Air
Force and eagerly awaiting "retirement" in either 1.5 or 6.5 years (20 or 25
years of service) to devote more attention to my gardening, wine-making,
and tropical fish breeding.

Yes, I know I was long-winded but I rarely post here anyways. <grin>

Mack Brewer

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