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(TFT) Teaching and questions for the list

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>>>>>>> Your talent gets an A+.
Thank you - but I probably stole it from Rick Smith.

 Your talent gets an A+.

>>>>>>>1)  How many people out there are primarily FM's (Fantasy Master is
Primarily a GM. Would LOVE to play! 

>>>>>>>2)  How did you become involved in playing the game?

Found Melee in Aero Hobbies in Los Angeles (it's still there and I'm still
a pretty good customer!). Loved it. Found more. Tried many other games
after it folded and was hoping GURPS would pick up where TFT left off.
Played GURPS for many years but I could never run the campaigns I wanted to
in GURPS. Went back to TFT. 

>>>>>>>3)  This question you don't have to answer it fi you don't want to. 
>>>>>>>were you doing, occupation-wise, when you first enter the realm of
>>>>>>>also called TFT:ITL?  And what are you doing now?

Jr. High school student. Computer Programmer.

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