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(TFT) Free City of Haven

Michael stated,

<<Maybe someone else can convert Haven to TFT as well! >>

As I said in an earlier message, I used The Free City of Haven as a resource
for my campaign almost two years before Gamelords was licenced by Metagaming
to produce Darok and Dihad.  As far as converting would there be a problem
with FREE USE in changing one system to another.  I own both TFT and the
City of Haven and related modules.

If I remember right,  I ended up averaging certain Thieves Guild
characteristics to create the TFT characteristics   Points were either taken
away or given to the NPC according to whether they were green or veteran.
Basically, it was by the seat of the pants NPC creation with the backup of
the Thieve's Guild characteristics.  This was a lot easier with six
characteristic system that was found in Different Worlds.

Anyone else out there use Haven with TFT?  The adventure I am going to post
on the list soon took place there.   If you use the Land Beyond the
Mountains campaign, after Metagaming folded,  Gamelords put out the two
cities that were promised for Dihad and Darok but changed the cities names
and placed them in two modules related to HAVEN.  One city was (what I
believe with good support) Zal' Akhen from City of the Sacred Flame
(remember the fire worshippers of Darok), which was Shaylle (Gamelords
second name was better) in Darok.  The other city was dhar Ankhes (spelled
that way and also another neat name) from Within the Tyrants Demise, which
was Plaize from Dihad.  According to the modules the "valley" (much like
LbtM) that these two modules takes place in lies 800 miles north of Haven.

If I ran a campaign again, Haven and the lands around it is where it would
take place.

Yours in Cidri,

P.S.  Related to my question about what do you do now?  Before I became a
teacher two years ago, I was the Military Interpretive Specialist for the
Yorktown Victory Center.  If you want to know anything about early gunpowder
weapons, I'm you man and remember in our little part of Cidri (Earth), you
don't need dragon poop!

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