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(TFT) Fw: sample pbem turn 3

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From: Mack Brewer <mbrewer@psphalifax.ns.ca>
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Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 10:20 PM
Subject: sample pbem turn 3

>Solo-Quest - Gaianne-3
>1996 April 1
>Well, a verrrrrry busy day!  After setting up camp, we are all pretty
>but there is more to
>be done yet.
>After some careful thought and a quick consult with Fedor, I decide to ask
>Sselina to question the prisoner....her exotic appearance but obviously
>lethal and painful qualities <G> could potentially make her a much more
>intimidating and therefore successful interrogator than
>even Fedor, never mind Edina or me...and it's a chance to observe her other
>skills, and test her values vis a vis non-friendlies (and therefore what
>might do to one of us if she ISN'T REALLY as friendly as she seems!)
>The three of us observe her subtly from a distance, but always one close
>enough to get the drift of what is happening.  At the same time we search
>the bodies and the area around them for any useful weapons, provisions,
>and perhaps even a few gold or magic items (any potential item would of
>course be the object of my Detect Magic)?  (pleeeaaassse???<g>)
>Next, nourishment, planning, and rest...if it will come....
>Fedor turns out to be an excellent cook (wonderful quality in men, don't
>think? <G>)
>and does wonders with some small game and dried provisions to complement
>this, along
>with Edina's quick find of some tasty nuts and fruit - all in all a very
>satisfying day and all
>should be ready for sleep.
>As Fedor and Sselina chat by the fire, I draw Edina aside and ask her about
>her wolfshead broach and she tells me the story of it's origins...and then
>soundly compliment and thank her for her significant role in today's
>events - tell her what a pleasant surprise her skills level - and her
>coolness under "fire" were for me - and what great potential I think she
>has; she is of course very flushed and pleased with all this and we smile
>and hug with a sense of increased connecteness and friendship.
>We go to sit around the fire but I get increasingly sneezy and choky, and
>Fedor teases me about being a cry-baby!  Can't have this....what's the
>prob????.....ye goddesses--I'm allergic
>- to cat hair!!!
>We quickly decide that I will take the first rest period, Edina and Fedor
>will chat and explore options with SSelina, and I will debrief with Fedor
>when I relieve him for the second watch--we think that 1 guard will be fine
>as we seem to have dealt with the only dangers which the locals were aware
>of--for now...
>I get a couple of restless hours but awaken with a start, notice Fedor
>standing over me quizzically...he informs me I called out in my sleep and
>wondered if I was o.k.???
>I get up and sit with him by the fire for a while, my heart still pounding
>from the remnants of a "dream" I can never remember...but always awaken
>with an extreme sense of dread.
>After a few minutes of being warmed by the fire (and probably a little
>something Fedor carries around on his person for just such situations <g>)
>we start to chat about their earlier conversation with Sselina and he
>updates me with his impressions and advice on how to "handle" her...what
>her motivations, skills, languages, etc.?
>After he gives me details I might suggest that she take the rear-guard but
>she and I share scouting, and be a double "surprise" if we have to
>any more "monster" types (if Fedor thinks she can be trusted and has
>reasonable motives for having helped and joined us--what are they anyways?)
>We agree (unless he tells me something that conflicts) that we will
>to and get to Redwin the next day, following along beside the road, but
>watching carefully for trouble, which there could be plenty more of, as we
>near our destination.
>Those details being ironed out, talk turns to less martial things, and I
>also use the opportunity to find out more about the Baron, where he got his
>money, his "social life", etc.  Ames too, I ask about...including humbly
>asking if he will begin to teach me the fundamentals of Dwarvish...
>With some difficulty in swallowing (not sure why?) I mention that I have
>been both impressed with and grateful for his skills and commitment to the
>party...and glad he did not get too badly hurt in the melee....then we chat
>about whatever else he wants, as I must now stay awake for my watch soon...
>Next morning....depending on what I learned last night...we are off for
>Redwin once more...
>END of Solo-Quest - Gaianne-2-r
>1996 April 1 (17:45)
>Gaianne's Solo-Quest  - Turn 3 results
>April  5 , 1996.
>No rest for the weary, you realize, as you watch Edina finish healing Fedor
>while you and Sselina guard the prisoner.  Fedor was lucky the wound was so
>shallow, or she couldn't have fully healed it, Edina tells you.  You file
>that bit of info away and decide not to expect miracles from her.
>a similiar blow to you or her would be serious, as neither of you have
>Fedor's armor or warrior reflexes.
> Sselina now...hhmm...definitely quick...claws like a bear (or a BIG cat
><g>)...stealthy too, you never saw her until she attacked, but no armor at
>all...you add her to your list of  "Fragile" assets.  Probably no match for
>someone like Fedor in a stand-up fight where armor counts heavily,  but
>lethal with surprise...as she's demonstrated.
> You discuss Sselina and the prisoner with Fedor.  He thinks she looks
>"great!". You're just not sure whether he means she "looks" great or she
>seems skilled...hhmm?
> The two of you decide to let her interrogate the prisoner so you can
>observe her style, and also for the "shock" value of her appearance.  Fedor
>mutters something about her appearance being more along the lines of
>instead of  "shocking", but you come to the conclusion he's "pulling your
>chain" just for the sake of it.
>...maybe he's trying to make YOU jealous??
> Fedor starts work on supper with Edina's help, but the three of you also
>keep an eye on Sselina.  She just "hissed" some sort of
>happy?...eager?...playfull?...hiss when you asked her if she would like to
>handle the interrogation.  You get comfortably settled on a rock to watch
>the "show" and are immediately both dissappointed and impressed with
>Sselina's lack of subtlety.
> She draws the prisoner to his feet with one hand.....flexes the claws on
>her free hand under his nose....and then savagely sinks her claws into his
>crotch and squeezes!
> You hear two results, ...a choked off scream dying into a whimper from the
>prisoner, and a gasp of "sympathy" from Fedor. <g>
> After alternately  flexing then relaxing her grip for a minute or two,
>allowing the prisoner to "season", Sselina finally motions you over to ask
>your questions. Oddly enough,  he seems quite co-operative.  After several
>minutes of questionning, all the time with Sselina retaining her "grip" on
>the prisoner, you learn the following:
> 1. Glendon, the first one slain by Fedor and Edina, was their leader.
> 2. They set up at the bridge 2 days ago and the pedlar was their first
> 3. A larger band of outlaws drove them away from near Redwin and have it
>     siege.
> 4. The band took casualties in killing an entire militia patrol a few days
> 5. He thinks there are 8 of them left, maybe more.
> 6. The outlaws have a mage.
> ...hhmm...8 or more...could be tricky, you think.  It'll definitely
>good scouting, and who knows how good their mage is?  ...Goddesses your
>is stuffy...must be a spring cold...
> After tying the prisoner to a tree, you join Fedor and Edina in finally
>searching the bodies.  Sselina took off to look for supper.
> Let's see:  5 swords, 2 bows & quivers, 5 sets of leather armor, 2
>      6 knives, and a pathetic 24 pieces of gold.
> You cast detect magic over the amulets and both glow.  You cast it over
>amulet Karitsa gave you and it's aura seems roughly equal to their's.
>Great!  Now, if you only had some idea how strong it was, you'd know how
>strong the captured amulets are.  Hhmm...maybe you should try to find
>someone to teach you the "lore" spell that analyzes magic.  Fedor proffers
>his own amulet for you to examine.  He says he paid 18g for a really good
>one and maybe testing it will help you figure out how good the others are.
> ...not a bad idea at all...especially for a mere non-mage , you grin at
>Fedor.  You quickly cast detect magic over Fedor's amulet and, to your
>it's aura flares brightly...noticably brighter than any of the other 3
>amulets, yours included.  You conclude it's probably about 50% stronger
>the others.
> Being the "benevolent" leader-type, you quickly pass out the extra amulets
>to Edina and Sselina. (who rejoined you while you were examining the
> ...that campfire is plugging you up more...must be the smoke cause it's
>bothering your eyes too. <g>
> Fedor turned out to be an excellent cook...best rabbit and cheese you've
>ever eaten, and Edina supplied a nice desert of fruit and nuts.  Sselina
>curls her nose at the charred flesh and rabbit-food while she "delicately"
>chews the head off one of the ground squirrels she caught for her meal.
>does seem pleased to sample Fedor's wine flask though.  You have to admit
>it's warmed you up rather nicely.
> Leaving Fedor and Sselina to chat, you draw Edina aside to ask her about
>her beautiful broach.  She adores her new broach and is delighted you
>noticed it.  her father gave it to her just yesterday as a going-away
>present, even though he didn't approve of this "adventure".
> Hhmm...just yesterday, eh?  You ask her if you can look at it and she says
>sure....a quick detect magic and...yes!...your guess was right....not only
>is it magical, but it's aura is even stronger than that from Fedor's
>Wonder what it does?
> Edina is stunned...she had no idea it was magical!
> You pass her back the amulet and then tell her how proud you were of  her
>performance at the bridge.  You think she has great potential as
>warrior/adventurer and you were surprised by how good she was with the
>staff.  Edina is pretty much floating on air with all the praise and you
>give each other a great big hug and smile like idiots at each other.  She
>doesn't even feel let-down when you re-affirm your order that she stay
>to Fedor.
> Returning by the fire with Fedor and Sselina, you get increasingly sneezy
>and choky.
>Fedor teases you about your aversion to good clean smoke and that's when it
>hits you ...Ye Goddesses!...you're allergic to cat fur!
> Just to verify it, you ask sselina for permission...then lean over and
>your face in her shoulder....instant sneezing fit that has you gasping for
>air!  Fedor is laughing so hard he can hardly sit up, but barely slows down
>even after Sselina rejects his proposition to bury his face in her shoulder
>to see if he's allergic as well.  She tells him he would "love" it and not
>to dwell on things he can't have. <g>
> You can't tell how serious either of them are with all this sneezing.
> You  quickly decide the watches and turn in for the night, except for
>on first watch.  Edina and Sselina chat with him for a while then turn in
>well.  You figured one guard would do as you've eliminated the only known
>threat.  You toss and turn under the effects of some strange nightmare that
>is naggingly familiar, and yet you never remember it.  You awaken with a
>start and with Fedor standing over you.  He said you were talking in your
>sleep and sounded scared,  and he was about to wake you and see if you were
> Your heart is still pounding as you sit with Fedor and warm yourself with
>his flask.  He has lots to say about Sselina.
>Skilled...quiet...quick...trustworthy....."stacked"...and you catch him
>grinning in  anticipation as you "catch-on" to what he just said.
> Sselina, he says, is from a tribe of cat-people located several days south
>of here near Dolphin Bay. They disdain any weapon but their claws, and live
>the simple life of nomadic hunters.  They trade furs and animals for what
>luxuries they want, but carry little and usually prefer to travel light.
>Sselina was out on her own, exploring, and happened along at the right
>She's happy to join your "quest" as she's been bored with nothing
>challenging to do.  She thinks you may attract trouble, like at the bridge,
>and will be an excellent person to travel with to avoid boredom.
> Fedor grins as he tells you that last part, and says there may be "some"
>truth to it...after all, Edina took your arrival as a "sign" too.
> He's worried about Sselina's complete lack of armor, but thinks she's
>probably quiet and fast enough to compensate.  She speaks the "common"
>tongue well enough once you get past her accent and tendency to "hiss" all
>the "S's".  She'd make a good scout.
> The two of you figure she can join you in scouting , and double your odds
>of spotting any ambushes before walking into them. And with your specialty
>being long-range attacks, her close-in skills will complement them
>perfectly.  Hopefully you won't be too "boring" for her to travel with,
>Fedor says with a grin.
> He starts to turn in, then sits back down and asks you about the leather
>pouch you wear around your neck...he's been wondering what it is.  You tell
>him it's your "spell-book", well not really but close enough.  You couldn't
>hide a real spellbook from the slavers, so Aakhar taught you to inscribe
>necessary key runes on pebbles.  It's a pretty compact form of magic
>recording that gives you reminders about what to do, or hints in case you
>forget.  You couldn't possibly fit all the details of a spell on something
>so small, but then again....Aakhar hinted that you could have the same
>effect, if you KNEW the runes really well.
> Speaking of magic reminds you that you should re-charge your power-bow.
>You reclaim it from your bedroll and concentrate on projecting your
>into it....but it's already "full".  You must have recharged it immediately
>after the battle, then forgot.  You shrug off the feeling you are missing
>something, and ask Fedor to elaborate more about Baron Regar before he
> The Baron is a retired "adventurer" who made his fortune on his last
>trip...looting a Dragon's horde.  Of his entire band of friends, only 2
>survived the battle.  That's when he decided to retire.  He petitioned
>(bribed) the king for his title under the provision he fortified and
>protected the western lands of Alusia.  So far he's done well and doubled
>the population and the number of villages out here.  It's been 6 years
>he came to his power and so far he's been too busy for much of a social
>life.  That may change once his patrols eliminate the remaining monsters in
>these lands....although more always seem to wander in.
> Fedor just shakes his head when you ask about "old" Ames.  All he says is
>that everyone in town seems to like him and he wouldn't ever want to fight
>him for real.  He happily agrees to start teaching you Dwarvish, just as
>soon as you get back from this trip.
> As you do battle with the "lump" in your throat, you start to tell Fedor
>how impressed and gratefull you are with his prowess and commitment....and
>how happy you are that he wasn't seriously hurt at the bridge whan he
>shielded Edina.
> You think he's starting to blush whan he looks away from you...and then
>suddenly leaps to his feet and charges into the woods while drawing his
> You yell for Sselina and Edina to wake up, and then rush into the woods
>after Fedor.
> You hear a horrible crashing in the brush to your right and swing around
>just in time to catch a huge club square in the chest.
>...WHAM!...."uuhh" you gasp as you go flying backwards from the force of
> OH  GODDESSES!  You can't get up right away and your chest feels like it's
>on fire!  That was NO club, that had to have been a tree to hit you that
>hard!  Yor head clears but your blood seems to freeze in your veins as a
>HUGE OGRE advances towards you.
> Suddenly, Edina comes leaping thru the air feet-first and lands between
>and the Ogre.
>Her staff flicks out and seems to bounce harmlessly off it's chest, while
>it's return blow with that huge club send her flying stunned back into the
> More growls and crashing from your left chills your heart even further as
>you realize Fedor is fighting at least one of these things alone, and one
>blow nearly killed you!
> The Ogre towers over you and swings that TREE two-handed, ....and barely
>misses as you roll frantically to your left to avoid the blow.  Goddesses!
>Even parrying that would get you killed!
> The Ogre screams in frustration (?) as it stares at the hole it's club
>gouged out of the earth where you were lying just a second ago. ....then it
>topples over.
> Sselina is standing there, behind it, both claws drenched in blood up to
>her wrists.  That wasn't a scream of frustration after all......she
>"surprised" it from stealth and gutted it with one blow of her razor sharp
>claws.....that was it's death scream!
> Yet another huge shape rises behind Sselina and she dives for cover as,
>miraculously, you see Fedor's twin swords send it howling back away from
>it's prey.  Fedor looks hurt bad....but still full of fight.  Edina leaps
>the beast but bounces futiley off it's huge chest.  Sselina springs from
>cover and rakes it's leg for nearly a foot, but still it stands.
> Fedor, sluggish from his wounds, is too slow as the Ogre raises it's club
>for another blow.
> You try to ignore your pain and focus, throwing your fire at the
>beast...and watch in horror as you clip Fedor with the ball and he
>falls.....heavily.....and lays still.
> The Ogre steps over Fedor's body and strikes at Edina, who breaks her
>parrying the blow...to no avail...and collapses to the ground in a heap.
> Sselina and you are all that's left!
> Sselina leaps and strikes the Ogre across the face with her claws,
>staggering it, even as it misses her with it's wild enraged swing.  You see
>Edina crawl off to one side....still alive.
> You summon your last fireball, as the power to throw a second would kill
>you, as sure as the Ogre's club.
> .....you hit it!
>  .....and it collapses, wreathed in flames.
> Frantically you stagger over to where Fedor lays, and force your healing
>potion down his throat.....and wait.
> Edina uncorks a potion and drains it, then pushes her last one at you.  It
>hurts to swallow, but that doesn't matter.  Damning yourself for not
>remembering your potion of IronFlesh, you relax as the healing potion works
>it's magic....and you actually feel your ribs knitting back together.
> Fedor moans and opens his eyes!  The potion was in time!
> Edina, now feeling better herself, bandages Fedor and treats his heavily
>bruised form.
>Sselina, unhurt, loops back from her search and reports that Fedor killed a
>third Ogre about 20 yards further on.  No wonder your "single" fireball
>nearly killed him.
> Fedor grins and cracks a joke about not getting between you and you
>from now on.
>At least his sense of humour is intact. <g>
> The four of you quickly...<ouch>...slowly search the dead Ogres and come
>with nearly 40 gold .  A little more luck on their part and they'd have
>money as well.
> You spend the rest of the night back to back and everyone on guard.
> You also realize that your prisoner has escaped!
> In the morning you return to Four-Roads, hopefully to sell your captured
>equipment and even more importantly.....find a healer and replenish your
>**  Current Stats  ** Fedor ( 7 Str)
>   Gaianne ( 7 Str)
>   Edina ( 6 Str)
>   Sselina ( 12 Str / full)
>**  Captured Loot  ** 5 swords, 2 bows/quivers, 5 leather armor,
>    6 knives, 64 gold
>************   END OF TURN - 03   *************

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