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Re: (TFT) Comments on Sample pbem turns

>Would we be picking up the adventure from
>here, or would it be a new campaign?
>If you are going to run a PbEM based on this world, count me
>in!  I am already part of Rick's and I would like to know more about how
>run your PbEM????

Thanks for the kind feedback.
The game would be a NEW campaign set in another area of the same world.
It could be merely dozens of miles distant or across the continent depending
how the dice and my mood goes during generation.

Now that I have acquired all our old TFT modules and books, the campaign
be run by regular TFT rules, except that priest is a class choice like mage
you could run a "cleric" or warrior-priest.
Basically the player (leader) generates his/her character and equipment and
then I
create the narrative background that begins the campaign, showing how they
to this point in the first place.  I usually try to isolate the character
from their homeland
via some means so the NEW area they find themself in is truly new to them
and we
don't have to rationalize why they don't know more about their local area.
In their setup, they will get clues/hint/rumours about possible other
adventurer wanna-be's
in the area and they can try to recruit them to form a party before going
off adventuring.
The NPC's will usually be lower or equal you in points and I won't tell you
their exact stats
or skills, they will become evident to you over time and from
conversation/sparring practise
with them.
Basically I called the games "solo quest" because it was always 1 on 1
between me and the
player who controlled his/her character and led the recruited party. There
was little or no
involvement with other players and they didn't have control over the other
party members
except for their orders and party tactics.
Tactics: I expect the player to provide a page of favourite
tactics/responses for various
situations such as party surprised & outnumbered; party meets weaker hostile
party spots enemy and lays ambush or regular combat tactics.
ex/ I will always charge in with both swords drawn and go for the biggest
the archer will stay back and take out any mages or other archers first,
fighter "C"
will charge in with me and engage whoever is closest, the priest will engage
battle spells but save at least 3-4 points for healing after combat ends.

I'll have to go over all the new player submitted talents and spells that
have started
to come in and we can discuss what rules changes will be used for the
including beginning points values.

You guys could decide to form a complete party by yourselves if you wish but
you would
have to discuss the turn amongst yourselves prior to submitting it to me as
only the
party leader could submit the turns, although I could send results to all
Personally I think it would be better for you to run seperate solo "quests"
and maybe
begin to hear rumours about each other's deeds from time to time and gather
to take on some really big adventures.

I'll send another turn and results from Claudette's old character for more
info and you
can get back to me with any other questions, okay?

Mack Brewer
(woo! woo!  The game is afoot!)

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